What is CPC CTR CPA RPM in Blogging and AdSense

By | March 13, 2021
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What is CPC, CTR, CPA, RPM?

Friends, if you are a blogger or YouTuber, and you are constantly working hard in this field to earn money from the internet, then what do you have in mind about CPC, CTR, CPA, RPM, and how it works? So many questions will arise in your mind. 

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If you want to know about CPC, CTR CPA, RPM etc. in detail, then you must read this article to our end, because in this article we will give you complete information about this subject.

CPC, CTR, CPA, RPM, whatever these terms are, they are related to your blog or website. You must be aware that having AdSense is very important to earn money from blog or YouTube. Although there are many ways to earn money without AdSense, but here we will talk about AdSense because it is related to Adsense in all terms.

Yes friends, CPC, CTR, CPA, RPM all these terms are directly related to your Google Adsense account. Let us talk about all these terms in detail.

What is CPC (Cost per Click)? What is CPC in Hindi

Friends, first we will talk about CPC i.e. Cost per click. As the name of this word suggests, the cost of a click is known as CPC.

That is, the amount of money you get for clicking an advertisement in your blog, website or YouTube video is called CPC in Google Adsense. For example, if you get $1 when you click on an ad on your website, blog or YouTube channel, the CPC value will be $1.

In this way, we can say that the higher the CPC of your blog, website or YouTube channel, the higher your earning will be. We can calculate the earnings according to the following equation.

Earning = CPC * Total Clicks

If total clicks are multiplied to total clicks, your earning will be. calculated. 

What is CPM (Cost per Mile)

The next important term is CPM. CMP full form is Cost per Mile or Cost per Thousand Impression. Here M means 1000. Because M is used for one thousand in the Roman language.

CPM means that 1000 impressions aane par Google Adsense is paying you on your blog website. For example, if your blog or website has AIDS aata a thousand times, and you get $ 5, then the value of CPM will be $ 5. This is how your earnings are extracted when CPM is advertised.

CPM = cost x 1,000 / target audience

If an advertisement has set a CPM value of $ 1, then a thousand times the ad will show only $ 1 deducted from its account. Google will send this $ 1 to publisher’s account after deducting its discount.

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What is CTR? What is CTR

Now friends, let’s talk about CTR. CTR has a full form Click through Rate. That is, if your blog, website or YouTube channel has 100 times advertised, then the number of times the advertisement has been clicked is called CTR.

For example, suppose your blog or website gets advertised a hundred times, but if only 5 people click on it, then the CTR of your blog will be 5%.

Friends CTR is of two types.

  1. Page CTR
  2. Impression CTR

Page CTR

When CTR is calculated after taking into account all the advertisements on your page, it is called page CTR.

Page CTR is the number of times a user clicks on your blog or website after a hundred times of advertisement. In the AdSense approach, Page CTR is only important, and if this CTR goes above 10%, then your Google Adsense account is also in danger. Your page CTR increases when an invalid is clicked, which Google keeps an eye on.

Impression CTR

In the Impression CTR, on the other hand, the CTR calculation is done separately for each of the aids on the page. That is, the click through rate of every ads is called the impression CTR.

For example, if you have three ads on your page, then the impression CTR is calculated by taking into account the individual clicks on those three ads. CTR and impressions can calculate CTR in this way.

Suppose there are 3 Ads on any of your pages which are loaded all the time. You get all these figures in one day:

  • 1000 Page Views
  • 3000 Ad Impressions
  • 10 Clicks

Now using the CTR formula mentioned above:

Page CTR = (10 / 1000) x 100 = 1%

Impression CTR = (10 / 3000) x 100 = 0.33%

While calculating these two values, keep in mind that most of the ads on most pages are not displayed simultaneously. Therefore, the value of Page CTR and Impression CTR can also be upside-down.

What is RPM? What is RPM

The next important term is RPM. RPM has a full form of Revenue per Mile or revenue per thousand impression.

That is, RPM tells how much a person is earning after getting ad impressions on a blog or website a thousand times. RPM bhi is of two types, Page RPM and Impression RPM.

Page RPM

Page RPm tells you how much money is being earned by visiting Page Views a thousand times on your website. For example, if your website earns 1000 view hone par $ 5, then the page RPM of your website will be $ 5. The following formula is used to extract the Page RPM.

Page RPM = (Estimated earnings / Total page views) x 1000

Impression RPM

In the same way, impression rpm tells how much you are earning when 1000 out of ad impressions come to your website. For example, if your website or blog comes to your ad a thousand times, and you make $ 1, then the impression RPM of your website will be $ 1. Impressions can calculate RPM this way.

Impression RPM = (Estimated earnings / Total impressions) x 1000

Difference between CPM and RPM Difference between CPM & RPM

Many bloggers confuse in CPM and RPM, and often make mistakes in understanding it correctly. We try to remove your confusion.

CPM is a search term of Google AdSense for Advertiser. With CPM, any advertiser can find out how much money they will have to spend on showing ads a thousand times. It is called the cost met or 1000 impression on the cost.

On the other hand, there is a search term for RPM publisher. RPM states that when a publisher’s advertiser’s ad comes to the blogger, who is a content writer, on his blog or website, then how much money he will get when he gets ads 1000 times. This is called revenue received or 1000 impressions on revenue. Hope you understand.

What is CPA? What is CPA in Hindi

Let us talk about CPA at the end of the article. CPA stands for Cost Per Action. Here action can mean completing a task.

Such as getting a product sold, subscribing to a website, ya filling up a form.

For example, suppose a company wants to spend money only when it has a product sale. For this she generates CPA ad. If this ad is shown on your website, then you will get money only when someone clicks on this ad to buy this product i.e. an action is complete. This type of ad is called CPA ads.

Keep in mind – such aids are mostly used for affiliate marketing or product sales. Because it is a type of targeted advertising technique.

You can buy customers using this technique. For example, if you set the CPA value to $ 1, your $ 1 will only be spent when the action you set is complete. That means a cell is generated for you.

Newsletter sign up registration or an inquiry form fill up. Thus, it is always a profitable deal. CP advertising mostly comes on websites that have a target audience. If you do not have a target audience, you will not get any benefit from such end networks, as most people will not be interested in such ads.

Friends, in this article we tried to tell you about search term like CPC, CTR, CPA, RPM etc. Still you may have some questions in your mind, then you asked us in the comment box, we will try our best to answer all your questions, thank you.

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